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Ralph Martino
Published by: Ralph Martino on 29-Apr-22
Learn to play the Piano Easily and Quickly Pop, Ballads, Rock, Blues

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With our unique program you will learn:

- Within minutes how to play easily any song in any style! - How to accompany your family and friends when you sing together. - How to play piano solo – combining melody with chords, while solving coordination difficulties. - How to play Pop, Blues, Ballads, Rock, Bossa Nova and much more….

In this course you’ll learn how to form all the important chords (Triads) on the piano and you learn how to shift smoothly from one chord to another.
You’ll get a wide range of grooves which you will be able to use in an endless number of songs. We will play popular songs such as Imagine, One Love, Summer Loving (from Grease) and many more  in different genres.

And the No. 1 Youtube piano tutor – David Yzhaki – with 30 million views and 79,000 subscribers(!!) will personally teach you how to play the piano.

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